Woobo “Teacher-Approved” Book Giveaway Announcement!

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Curling up together for story time can be the highlight of any kid’s or parent’s day. We know it is one of Woobo’s favorite activities! And what better way to help children think with their imagination and get curious about the world than with books? And not just any books, books that were approved by four different teachers as their favorite books for children.

With that said, we are excited to announce Woobo’s ‘Teacher-Approved’ Book Giveaway!

Over the next four weeks, we are going to be featuring an amazing early childhood teacher and their four favorite books for kids. They will get the opportunity to answer a few questions about their experience as a teacher, their favorite parts of their day, and why they selected some of the books they did.

The next part is obviously the fun part, we will then raffle off those four books to one lucky parent who enters the raffle.

Stay tuned! This Wednesday, August 24th, we will give the specific instructions on how to enter the book giveaway! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated!

-Tony & Katherine

BREAKING NEWS: We are now into Week 3 of our ‘Teacher-Approved’ Book Giveaway contest! Click the button below to enter!

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BREAKING NEWS: The contest has begun! Click here to learn what books we are giving away and read about our featured teacher or click the button below to sign up!

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