Welcome to the Home of Woobo!

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Welcome to the Home of Woobo!

We are super excited to launch our website that gives you a real look at one of our most refined prototypes of Woobo and an explanation of all the amazing features that will be “stuffed” inside of Woobo. Features that will promote things we believe are incredibly important: imagination, creativity, empathy, problem solving, responsibilities, manners, and kindness, just to name a few.

Thanks so much for visiting our site. The team at Woobo is taking on a huge challenge trying to make not just a smart toy with incredibly advanced technology, but technology that supports the social-emotional growth of children, all wrapped inside a soft, fluffy toy that can double as a pillow for long car rides! And we can’t wait to share the journey of bringing Woobo to life with you!

Let’s enjoy the ride and make something truly amazing that improves the lives of both kids and the parents that dedicate their lives to raising them.

Team Woobo