Frequently Asked Questions

Woobo is stuffed with some amazing features, which we know will spark some questions! Below are a list of common questions we receive about Woobo. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to message us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, or send us an email.


When can I pre-order Woobo?

Woobo will be available for pre-order in early 2017 on our website and crowdfunding platforms. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when pre-orders start!

When will Woobo be available?

Woobo will be shipping in October 2017 just in time to be your child’s favorite Christmas present!

How much will Woobo cost?

Woobo will be priced competitively to other smart toys on the market, along with being less expensive than the various social or personal robots.

Woobo’s Features

What ages is Woobo designed for?

Woobo is designed for children aged 5+ years old. Woobo’s software and content is tailored and customized for each child and can be tons of fun for children as young as 4 and as old as 12.

What language does Woobo speak?

Right now, Woobo can only talk in English, but will have content that can aid in language development such as Spanish and Mandarin.

What kinds of questions can kids ask Woobo?

Woobo can answer all kinds of questions! Facts about dinosaurs, why brushing your teeth is important, or why the chicken crossed the road, everything is fair game with Woobo! Woobo has been designed to answer all questions in an appropriate manner for kids.

Woobo & Privacy

Do you collect data with Woobo and is it safe?

Since Woobo is a Wi-Fi connected toy and it relies on data from our servers to use its advanced software, it will collect usage data from the toy. The data will be primarily text logs of the voice recognition software that will be used to improve the software engine for Woobo. We do not want your data though! All data is anonymized and never held indefinitely on our servers, which are behind higher than industry standard security systems.

Can I control what data is collected and for how long?

Yes! There is a certain base level of data needed to make Woobo functional, beyond that, we put the control in the hands of parents through the Woobo Mobile App, allowing parents to set how long things like voice messages and chat logs stay on our servers. We understand data is sensitive, especially when children are involved, this is why we want to work with parents to make sure they are comfortable with how and what data we collect.

Will you listen to the voice messages I send to my child?

Nope. We think our voice messaging feature is one of the coolest features on Woobo. We also know it’s one of the most sensitive. All voice messages will be up to the parent to delete and can also be set to delete after a predetermined time period from our servers. Although this data will exist, it is not something we will use in any way.

Contact & Press

Woobo looks awesome! Can I be a beta tester?

We are all about testing Woobo! Right now, we suggest going to and filling out the research form on that page to be added to our list of parents interested in research. We are doing testing in several areas right now and would love to get your feedback!

I am a journalist, can I review Woobo?

Yes! Although we are still gearing up to start sending Woobos out for reviewing, we love to talk with journalists and bloggers about what we are creating at Woobo and to get a sneak peek at the awesome technology we are developing. If you want to chat more or be added to our list of media contacts that are interested in reviewing Woobo feel free to shoot an email to us at Also, make sure to sign up for our mailing list!

More questions? Email us!