About Us

Woobo was founded with one goal in mind: bringing children’s imaginary friends to life. Utilizing cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence technologies, we strive to provide all children with a smart-companion who can talk, amuse, inspire, and grow alongside them.


How we collaborate
Every day at our office is an intimate collaboration between world class engineers, designers, educators, and marketers from MIT, CMU, Harvard, Tufts, and RISD. We firmly believe this unique mixture of talents is essential in pushing the boundaries of what kids’ toys can truly be.

How we bring Woobo to life
The team challenged with bringing Woobo to life consists of many talented people across a diverse range of backgrounds.

Meet Our Team

Feng Tan
Feng is the CEO/co-founder of Woobo and loves Woobo more than all of us…it’s true. He recently finished his Ph.D. (YAY!) in Robotics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Di Wang
Tech Co-Founder
Di is the Tech/co-founder at Woobo and is the man behind the brain of Woobo, helping make Woobo the smartest toy there is. He is finishing up his Ph.D. in Artifical Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University.
Shen Guo
Shen is the Lead Designer/co-founder here at Woobo. He is the dude behind the design for every prototype in these pictures! He recently graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Industrial Design.
Tzu-Hsuan Wang
Android/Mobile Developer
Tz is our android guy here at Woobo and works in general on mobile development. He recently finished up his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Indiana University. Go Hooisers!
Katherine Hashimoto
Content Developer
Katherine is our content expert and loves Woobo’s LED horns! She recently graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education with an Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation, & Education.
Deanna Daly
Software Engineer
Deanna is our very patient software wiz here at Woobo. She graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Logic from Carnegie Mellon University.
Choung Ngo
Software Engineer
Choung utilizes his background in engineering, data, and NLP as the resident brain surgeon at Woobo. He received his Master’s degree from William and Mary in Computer Science.
Susana Zhang
Content/Research Specialist
Susana is our amazing content developer and researcher with a background in psychology. She recently graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education with an Ed.M. in Human Psychology and Development.
Chao Lu
Mechtronics Engineer
Chao can be found jumping between just about every part of Woobo’s development–hardware, mobile, backend. Chao can do it all! He received his Ph.D. from University of South Carolina in Mechanical Engineering.
Kaitlyn Nee
Graphic Designer
Our Amazing Animator Adrianna just loves making Woobo laugh with silly jokes! She recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation.

Want to Join Us?

Visit our Careers page to see available positions on Team Woobo!